Scholarship audition time slots will be 20 minutes in length in front of a panel of adjudicators (usually four).

Students who audition under the Scholarhip Audition format are applying for consideration for one of the scholarships in one of the scholarship categories: Brass, Piano, Percussion, Strings, Voice, Woodwind or Jazz. A separate audition is required to be considered for acceptance into the festival groups.

Students auditioning on all categories except Jazz will be accompanied by a pianist if required by the repertoire selected. Jazz auditionees can be accompanied by a rhythm section of up to four players (piano, guitar, bass and drums). Vocal jazz auditionees may use a melodic instrument as one of their four accompanying performers, but they need to be aware that the adjudicators will be there to rate the auditionees performance, not the improvisational skills of their accompaniment..

Any high quality, appropriate for the instrument or voice, solo selection (except for the current All State audition piece for this instrument) is acceptable for use as a scholarship audition.
Performances MUST be at least 5 minutes in length BUT can be no longer than 10 minutes total. Multiple movements or multiple works may be used to meet this requirement.
The performance must be accompanied if written to be so and must be completely memorized.
The audition consists only of the performance of the selected repertoire, performed with accompaniment.

The auditionee will provide at least one original copy of the music for the adjudicators and photocopies of that original for the others. The accompanist(s) must perform from an original copy of their part(s) or from memory. If they perform from memory, the originals of their parts must be included with the original provided the adjudicator.

In other words: For scholarship auditions, because the performer is doing so from memory, an original of their music must be in the room. Most often, that music is on the original that the accompanist is required to use. Thus only one original, as long as it contains both the performer & accompaniment parts, is required for scholarship auditions.

In some cases, the accompanist's original does not contain a complete performer part (missing lyrics is the most common part not included on the piano part) and in those cases, an original of the performer's music must be provided to the adjudicator while the accompanist reads from the original accompaniment.

So.... as long as the complete voice part is on your original piano part, you are all set. For piano scholarship auditions, they need to give at least one original to the adjudicators

Students may not perform any piece for the scholarship audition more than once.
Please refer to the appropriate section of the current All State handbook for clarification and complete requirements for this audition.

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