2019 All State Music Festival
Significant Handbook Changes
for Teachers & Students

Audition Info

  • There will be only one Audition Date: Saturday, January 12th at Hartford High School
  • Extended Audition Schedule: To accommodate all of the students that wish to audition, the auditions will start a little earlier and run later in the afternoon
  • Jazz Adjudicators will set the tempo for all aspects of the Jazz Audition except for sight-reading
  • Jazz Drum auditions now have a specific list of drum styles to be evaluated
  • Updated audition pieces for saxes & low brass in years following this year

Festival Info

  • Festival fee raised by $10 to cover increased conductor honorariums & increased lodging costs
  • Music educators must bring the medical documentation for any student requiring the administering of prescription medication to the festival and must be trained to serve as the student's Unlicensed Assistive Personnel during the event.

Last modified: January 15 2019.
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